Download and Installation Guide

Kindly following the set of instructions below in order to prevent unintended errors while setting up the game on your PC.

Full Client Installer

Lite Client Installer

Latest Version: 2.1.4
Last Updated: 2021-04-16 05:31:30 GMT +0800
Installer is compressed and packed on a RAR file type.


  1. Download One-RO Full Client or Lite Client above. Those are official links!
  2. With Lite Client, just copy all the files inside the folder and paste it inside your kRO Folder
  3. With Full Client, just extract the RAR somewhere, like in D:\ or in your Desktop.
  4. We have our FAQ which provides basic troubleshooting for our Client

If you're still experiencing problem with the client, Don't hesitate to contact One-RO Staff via One-RO Discord Server or create a post under Support Section at One-RO Community Forums